Rice University Dept. Earth Science

Geochemist Joins International Science Team in Gulf of Corinth

Rice University’s Clint Miller, a postdoctoral geochemist research associate in the Department of Earth, has joined an international team of scientists collecting the first sediment samples ever drilled from the Gulf of Corinth, near Greece.

The team is studying an area that is often at risk for earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and will observe plate tectonics in action.

“The Gulf is somewhat unique because it is an active rift that has oscillated over the last few million years between lake-like conditions and true marine conditions,” Miller said. “Hopefully, we will be able to see this really clearly in the chemistry of the sediments we collect.”

Miller will analyze water trapped in sediment that date up to 2 million years for clues to how the climate and biosphere have changed over time.

The science team is sponsored by the the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) and European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling, and sailed on the British Geologic Survey drilling vessel Fugro Synergy to the Mediterranean Sea.

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