Prof. Briggs

Oxford’s Briggs Confident about AI Advancing Human Lives

Andrew Briggs, a materials science professor with the University of Oxford, predicts a “dramatic change in the way science is done,” comparable in significance to the application of science to the technology that spurred the Industrial Revolution.

In his article for Graphcore, a UK-based computer chip manufacturer, “Why Artificial Intelligence Will Enable New Scientific Discoveries,” Briggs discusses the limitations to traditional experiments and computer modeling for data, compared to the sophistication of advanced machine learning techniques used by internet search engines and social media platforms.

Briggs writes that Artificial Intelligence advances are, “likely to change every aspect of our lives, from transport and employment to care of the elderly and will have a huge impact on health care overall.”

Despite the fact that AI receives “mixed press” reviews, Briggs is optimistic.

“I predict that by 2025, AI will be as ubiquitous for running experiments as computers are today for controlling instrumentation and logging data. The paradigm shift will be from AI used for analysing the data which has already been obtained, to AI deciding what to measure next,” he writes.