Calo Lab, MIT

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The Calo Lab studies the molecular entities controlling and coordinating RNA metabolism, the compendium of all processes that involve RNA, such as synthesis, processing, modifications, export, translation, and degradation, and their role in development and disease. A fundamental property of the cell is its capacity to simultaneously modulate all aspects of RNA metabolism in space and time, across different cellular compartments and in response to environmental signals. However, it is not clear how the cell achieves such a broad array of functions. Thus, the goal of our research program is to decipher how different aspects of RNA metabolism are coordinately controlled to generate structure and function during development and how mutations in components of the RNA metabolic program lead to congenital disorders and cancer. We use disease-relevant animal models to identify mechanisms and pathways by which alterations in RNA metabolism lead to disease, and a combination of genetic, biochemical, and functional genomic approaches to establish the cellular functions of genes in which mutations cause RNA metabolic disorders. We envision that our work will provide unique insights into the structure and function of our cell-type diversity and potential opportunities for therapeutic interventions of a broader spectrum of complex human disorders.