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U. of Miami School of Medicine Launches Clinical Trial for Alzheimer’s Treatment

Neurologists at The University of Miami are launching a clinical trial for a revolutionary Alzheimer’s treatment, which will be the first in the U.S that utilizes mesenchymal stem cells. While this promising treatment is not necessarily a cure for the devastating neural disease, it aims to improve quality of life and increase cognitive function for Alzheimer’s patients. Researchers hope that the stem cells, which can transform and adapt, will be able to replace damaged brain cells in the hippocampus, where new memories are formed. The stem cell treatment is also designed to decrease inflammation in the brain. According to assistant professor of neurology at UM Bernard Baumel, “Stem cells are very potent anti-inflammatories…Because the amyloid plaques found in the brains of Alzheimer’s disease patients are associated with inflammation, we hope to determine whether infusions of stem cells can help to improve or stabilize that condition.” The study is open to patients at the University of Miami health system with mild Alzheimer’s symptoms, and will monitor brain function, memory, and quality of life to determine the effectiveness of stem cell treatment.