Zebra Analytix

VIC Technology Venture Development Forms New Portfolio Company, Zebra Analytix, Inc.

Company co-founder Masoud Agah, Ph.D., has been named Chief Technology Officer of Zebra Analytix.

House G.O.P. Tax Writers Take Aim at College Tuition Benefits

In addition to campus employees, many doctoral students would see huge tax increases, since the tuition that universities waive for them in exchange for working on campus as researchers and teaching assistants would be deemed taxable income.
Library of Congress Magazine

Library of Congress Magazine profiles AWP Founder Nancy McNamara and her sister Prof. Jean Rhodes

Two sisters have created a user-friendly tool that allows veterans to record and submit stories of their service – all on a smartphone.

10 ways to use social media to get your research noticed

Four experts offer their advice offer expert advise help you utilise social media to ensure your research reaches a wider audience.