Department of Communications

Students have studied Communication in its many different forms at the University of Maryland since the university's earliest beginnings. In courses from public speaking to mediated communication, from public relations to intercultural communication, UM students continue to learn about the history, processes, and effects of human communication.
Bindra Lab, Yale

Bindra Laboratory has a new website!

The Bindra Laboratory searches for new ways to kill cancer cells.
Kronforst Lab

The Kronforst Lab

The Kronforst Lab studies the evolution and genetics of adaptation and speciation, using butterflies as our primary model system. 

UFL MAE has a new website!

The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) at the University of Florida is the largest academic program on campus, by student enrollment.
wittrup lab

The Wittrup Lab has a new website!

The Wittrup lab researches design principles for effective cancer biopharmaceuticals.