Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Kim Research Group at Colorado State University

Integrated Circuits and Bioengineering Lab – Carnegie Mellon

Association for Writing Across the Curriculum

Ebong Laboratory – Northeastern University

Soft Math Lab – Prof. L. Mahadevan – Harvard University

Arkin Lab, UC Berkeley

Matthews Group, University of Pennsylvania

The Ocean Data Integration Initiative, University of Haifa

GeneConvene Virtual Institute, Foundation for the National Institutes of Health

Potassium in Blood Pressure Global Research Network

Medal Research Group

Aaron Sojourner, Labor Economist

Goran Lab, USC

Jing Fan Lab

Pediatric Low-Grade Astrocytoma (PLGA) Program at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Diskin Lab

Valerie A. Earnshaw, Ph.D.

Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies (ASPHS)

Leach Lab at University of Maryland, Baltimore County

The Tissue Mechanics, Microstructure, and Modeling Laboratory (TM3), Lakeisha Williams, UFL BME

Brosi Lab, Emory University

Cancer Chemical Biology and Metabolism (CCBM) Training Program at DFCI

Synthetic Biology Center @ MIT

ERC / University of Barcelona Rethinking Conscious Agency

European Evolutionary Development (EuroEvoDevo) Society

Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences, Rice University

The Organismal Systems-type Modeling Network (OSyM)

Elizabeth G. Pontikes Associate, The University of California, Davis

Larry Pileggi, Carnegie Mellon University

Vijay Kumar Lab, Penn Engineering

Huang Lab, Broad Institute

The Center for Virology and Vaccine Research, Harvard University School of Medicine

Barbara Natterson-Horowitz, MD, Harvard University

French Colonial Historical Society

The Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition

University of Florida Department of BME

Oupicky Lab, University of Nebraska Medical Center


The Tennyson Lab, Clemson University

Moving Stories

The Rosenker Center for Political Communication and Civic Leadership

Connected Scholars

Pantophlet Laboratory at Simon Fraser University

Wechsler-Reya Lab at the Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute

Indiana Wesleyan University Department of Physics

Recovering Democracy Archives (RDA)

Musashi Gene Research, UC San Diego

Alemseged Lab, Paleoanthropology, University of Chicago

Human Behavior and Evolution Society

Prof. David McCarthy, University of Hong Kong

Virginia Microelectronics Consortium

Reissner Lab, UNC Chapel Hill

I4C Collaboratory

Se-Jin Lee, University of Connecticut School of Medicine

Nancy Rappaport, Harvard Medical School

Scott Denmark, UIUC

The Wood Lab at Duke University

Regalbuto Research Group, University of South Carolina

Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE)

The Mixed-mode Integrated Circuits and Systems Lab (MICS), CalTech

The Reya Lab, UC San Diego

The Quantitative BioImaging Laboratory, University of Texas at Dallas and UT Southwestern Medical Center

The Fatatis Laboratory at Drexel University

Life at Tepper, Carnegie Mellon University

The Coutu Research Group, Marquette University

The MGH Center for Skeletal Research at Mass General Hospital

Reimagining Migration Project

The Graduate Field of Biochemistry, Molecular, and Cell Biology at Cornell University

Aravinda Chakravarti Lab, NYU School of Medicine

The Koh Lab, UT Southwestern Medical Center

The Pendergast Lab, Duke University

The Doyle Group, Harvard

The Decision Neuroscience Laboratory, UIUC

Division of Physical Therapy, Emory University

Ryan Lab, Trinity College Dublin

WormGUIDES, UConn, Yale

Friedman Lab, Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University

Agah Lab, Virginia Tech

Voices of Democracy, US Oratory Project, University of Maryland

Veterans History Project

Bindra Laboratory, Yale University

The Kronforst Lab, University of Chicago

The Chronicle of Evidence-based Mentoring

Darin A. Croft, Case Western Reserve University

The Wittrup Lab, MIT