THE FRIEDMAN LAB Evolutionary History and Plant Development

Friedman Lab, Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University

The Friedman Lab focuses on the organismic interfaces between developmental, phylogenetic and evolutionary biology. Steady advances in the study of the phylogenetic relationships of organisms have provided the raw materials for critical studies of character evolution in plants, animals, fungi, and all other forms of life. Armed with hypotheses of relationships among organisms, we explore how patterns of morphology, anatomy, and reproduction have evolved through the modification of developmental processes.
Agah MEMS Lab

Agah Lab, Virginia Tech

VT MEMS Lab, established in 2005, has been pursuing research in MEMS, nanotechnology, and Microfluidics (MnM) to develop highly innovative miniaturized analyzers for chemical and biomedical applications. Two major research thrusts in the lab are Micro Analytical Chemistry (MAC) and BioMEMS/NEMS (Bio).
Bindra Lab

Bindra Laboratory, Yale University

The Bindra Laboratory searches for new ways to kill cancer cells.
Kronfost Lab

The Kronforst Lab, University of Chicago

The Kronforst Lab studies the evolution and genetics of adaptation and speciation, using butterflies as our primary model system. 
The Wittrup Lab, MIT

The Wittrup Lab, MIT

The Wittrup lab researches design principles for effective cancer biopharmaceuticals.