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I4C Collaboratory

I4C Collaboratory has a new website!

The goal of the I4C Collaboratory is to develop novel combined immunologic approaches to cure HIV-1 through a highly collaborative and multifaceted research program involving leading investigators in academia, government and industry.

Friedman Lab Director Elected to Linnean Society

The Linnean Society of London elected William "Ned" Friedman, professor of organismic and evolutionary biology at Harvard, and director of the Arnold Arboretum, as a Foreign Member, honoring his research into the reproductive biology of flowering plants and their ancestors, as well as his interest in the intellectual history of evolutionism.
The Doyle Group

Doyle Group Developing Improvement for Artificial Pancreatic System

Francis J. Doyle III, Dean, Harvard Paulson School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, is leading a team of researchers developing a system that connects a diabetic patient’s artificial pancreas to their smart phone.
Friedman Lab

Friedman Lab has a new website!

The Friedman Lab focuses on the organismic interfaces between developmental, phylogenetic and evolutionary biology. Steady advances in the study of the phylogenetic relationships of organisms have provided the raw materials for critical studies of character evolution in plants, animals, fungi, and all other forms of life. Armed with hypotheses of relationships among organisms, we explore how patterns of morphology, anatomy, and reproduction have evolved through the modification of developmental processes.
Doyle group, Harvard

SEAS Dean honored for leadership in the field of biomedical control

Francis J. Doyle III, Dean of the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), has been elected to the National Academy of Medicine (NAM).