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Brosi Lab

Brosi Lab, Emory University

The Structure and Function of Biodiversity We study how the structure of biological communities—including both biodiversity and ecological network structure—affects ecological functioning, and how it is affected by environmental change. Much of our work uses plant-pollinator interactions as a model system. We are actively engaged in translating our work and synthesizing other science in the service of environmental policy and management.
MIT SynBio

Synthetic Biology Center @ MIT

The goal of synthetic biology is to make the construction of novel biological systems into a practical and useful engineering discipline.
The Organismal Systems-type Modeling Network (OSyM)

The Organismal Systems-type Modeling Network (OSyM)

The Organismal Systems-type Modeling Network (OSyM) research coordination network provides a forum where organismal biologists and modeling experts collaborate to deepen understanding and improve our ability to predict the impact of change on organismal structure and function.
Alemseged LabAlemseged Lab home page

Alemseged Lab, Paleoanthropology, University of Chicago

Professor Zeray Alemseged is a paleoanthropologist in the Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy at the University of Chicago. His research interests include human evolution and the exploration of the factors that shaped the evolution of humans and extinct ancestral species.