Electrical Engineering

Larry Pileggi, CMU

Larry Pileggi, Carnegie Mellon University

Larry Pileggi is the Tanoto Professor and Head of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. His research interests include all aspects of modeling, design, and design methodologies for CMOS and post-CMOS technologies, as well as modeling and simulation of electrical power systems.
Agah MEMS Lab

Virginia Microelectronics Consortium

The Virginia Microelectronics Consortium (known as VMEC) facilitates university-industry partnerships that can address the educational, training and research needs of the Commonwealth’s microelectronics industry and contribute to the development of Virginia as a location of choice for the microelectronics industry.
Scott Denmark
Caltech MICS

The Mixed-mode Integrated Circuits and Systems Lab (MICS), CalTech

The MICS Lab at CalTech works on mixed-signal integrated circuits for digital data communication, low-power circuit and system solutions, VLSI systems, circuits at the interfaces, optoelectronics, and biomedical implants.

The Coutu Research Group, Marquette University

The Coutu Research Group and the MEMS and Advanced Microsystems Laboratory in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Marquette University
Agah MEMS Lab

Agah Lab, Virginia Tech

VT MEMS Lab, established in 2005, has been pursuing research in MEMS, nanotechnology, and Microfluidics (MnM) to develop highly innovative miniaturized analyzers for chemical and biomedical applications. Two major research thrusts in the lab are Micro Analytical Chemistry (MAC) and BioMEMS/NEMS (Bio).