Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We develop in WordPress with the express goal of making the website easy for you and your team members to manage. At the end of every project we provide user accounts for everyone; we conduct a recorded tour of the back end of the website; and we publish instructions on how to manage the content on a private page of the site which is always available for your reference. We are always available to answer questions and provide guidance.

Yes! We have successfully developed websites within university’s content management systems. Be aware that university CMS support a limited set of themes and plugins, thus there are limitations on what we can build within a CMS system. Should you ever move from the university where your website is hosted, you will have to start from scratch.

When your website is hosted independently of your university, you control everything. Should you move to a new university, you will only need to update branding, contact information, and lab member info. Your website can serve as an archive of the news and activities of your academic career. For continuity, you can keep your domain name.

Yes. We offer basis support services to keep your website running smoothly. Basic support services covers hosting and domain, and support for WordPress, theme, and plugins in use in your site. We take take care of the details, so you never have to worry again about domain names, hosting, or software updates.

Optionally, we provide on-demand content management to keep the content in your site up to date. Requests for updates to content may be made via our on-line form or email. Please contact for further information regarding support and maintenance services.

We are not in the hosting business, but we know someone who is. Most AWP websites are hosted independently with our service provider, ICDsoft. We host hundreds of websites with ICDsoft. Because of the volume of business we do with ICDsoft, we can offer you hosting and domain services for less than you can get them as an individual.

Yes, you can. When development of your website is complete, the domain name servers may be reassigned from your university domain to the new site. This completely opaque to visitors. The site appears to be hosted at

Yes! We develop in WordPress, the largest content management system in use on the planet. WordPress is used by over 74 million websites. Your content is stored in an underlying database and we use commercial themes and plugins, which are supported by their creators and in use in thousands of websites, to provide the look and the features that you want in your website. You can start small and build your content and add features and functionality to your website as you go. Your WordPress website from AWP is the last website you will ever need to build.

Yes! We recommend that you host your video at YouTube. We will publish your video on your webpages. Visitors will see a preview and will be able to play your video from your site. YouTube is a popular social channel. Visitors may discover your website by way of searching for video content in your subject area on YouTube.

Yes, we offer logo design via a crowd-sourced logo design service. We manage the end-to-end logo design process. Working with you, we define requirements for your logo design, put up prize money, and post the design project. Designers from around the globe who choose to participate submit drafts; we work with you to refine the draft designs, with the goal of arriving at a single, winning design. The designer of the winning design receives the prize money and you receive original logo art and the rights to its use, all within a two-week timeline. This is the most expedient design process we know.