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UC Berkeley Arkin Lab
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Rethinking Conscious Agency

ERC / University of Barcelona Rethinking Conscious Agency

Our project uses the tools of philosophy and psychology to investigate the nature, structure, and significance of conscious agency. This site provides information about team members, project workshops and conferences, upcoming talks, open postdoc positions, and publications.
Elizabeth G. Pontikes Associate, The University of California, Davis

Elizabeth G. Pontikes Associate, The University of California, Davis

My research focuses on category dynamics in markets. Categories are important because they influence how people think about organizations and products. In the modern economy, market categories change at an increasingly fast pace as innovation quickens and competition becomes more fierce. This means we can no longer take a static approach to understanding markets in which firms compete. I study how evaluations of firms and products depend on the rapidly changing categorical context, and how firms can use category strategy to shape markets to their advantage. I use computational “big data” text analytic approaches to capture detailed category maps for thousands of firms in a range of industries.
The Center for Virology and Vaccine Research

The Center for Virology and Vaccine Research, Harvard University School of Medicine

The Center for Virology and Vaccine Research (CVVR) at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center aims to promote research and education activities related to virology, vaccinology, and related disciplines, including basic, translational, and clinical vaccine research. The Center consists of primary and affiliate faculty and focuses on the development of vaccines against infectious, oncologic, degenerative, and other diseases.